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One of the key benefits of registering with Crypto2Charities is that all partners are automatically added to our list of potential beneficiaries of our own non-profit foundation, as well as of the donors without a specific beneficiary in mind.

Here's how it works:

1  A donor approach us to donate crypto currencies
2 If no specific nonprofit/charity is named, we discuss different options with the donor
3 The donor provides the criteria for the donation: amount, type of beneficiary, disbursement schedule, etc.
4 From our Pool of over two million beneficiaries all over the world, we match the ones meeting the criteria for each specific donation
5 The donation is processed and the selected beneficiary(ies) receive the funds


Registration is offered at no cost

to all nonprofits and charities

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Disclaimer: The Charity Pool is offered as a free service by a public charity to other nonprofits and charities. There are no guaranties of any kind related to funding or any other expectations. Restrictions may apply.