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A quick & simple donation process

A donor simply chooses any nonprofit
to receive a crypto donation

DONORS: Contact Crypto2Charities at donate@Crypto2Charities.org or fill out the simple online form, and we'll do the rest. Donations can be done to and from anywhere in the world (subject to regulations).

Non-profits (NPO and Charities): see our Partners section to see how you can benefit. For the fast-track, see the simple 3-step process.

The Crypto Donation Process

1. Take the first step
Donating crypto currency has never been easier! Simply choose a nonprofit to donate to, email us, and our trained staff will guide you through the donation process.

2. Memorandum of Understanding
Once we know what you want to donate and who it is going to, a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be prepared. The Agreement will specify the terms and details of the donation. The built-in security of crypto currencies ensures a secure transfer process.  

3. The Donated Token/Coins are exchanged
Our goal is to ensure that the charity/nonprofit organizations receive the maximum amount of money for each crypto donation that they receive. To do so, we use well known, registered and trusted processors all the way through. This again will be specified in the MOU.

4. The funds are disbursed to the targeted nonprofit entity.
The targeted net amount disbursed to the nonprofit is 100%. Our relationships with key entities in the industry allow us to get any kind of crypto currency exchange at the lowest cost possible, anywhere.  

5. We Provide All Necessary Tax Deduction Receipts and Forms
Within 30 days of the completed transaction, the donor receives a document which may be used as a tax receipt (depending on the country's tax laws). Keep in mind that each country has different rules & regulations regarding donations in general, and about the cryptocurrency environment.  

6. Charity Pool
In the event a donor does not specify a nonprofit for the donation, Crypto2Charities will distribute the funds as mutually agreed between the parties (Donor and c2c), as for the amount, purpose and disbursement schedule. One or more beneficiaries fitting certain criteria may be selected, depending on the particular situation. The nonprofits registered with c2c become part of our Charity Pool.

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To cut to the chase: see the simple 3-step process